Hi, I'm Annie...  

I'm a Chicago-based photojournalist and avid story enthusiast.  I've loved stories all my life - photo essays, novels, movies, you name it.  This was what drove me to embrace photography, but it was my nonprofit work in community development that connected me to photojournalism. 

I believe photography is a way to raise awareness about cultures and social issues, to unite people through the commonality of human experiences.  It's a visual connector that can break through the barriers that may divide us.  And it's important to me to transcend the lens by building sustainable relationships within the communities I photograph.

I work consistently with the Chicago Tribune, Community Empowerment (formerly Art for Health), and LISC Chicago.  My work has been published in the Chicago Tribune, Flint Magazine, and The Week.


  • "Art for Health 2017", Ignite Glass Studio, Chicago, IL, Oct. 2017
  • "Champions for Global Health," Greenhouse Lofts, Chicago, IL, May 2017
  • "Art for Health 2016", Ignite Glass Studio, Chicago, IL, Oct. 2016
  • "Permanently Displaced", Art Basel @ Wynwood Yard, Miami, FL, Dec. 2015
  • "The Print Show", Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL, Nov. 2015
  • "Art for Health 2015", Lacuna Lofts, Chicago, IL, Oct. 2015
  • "Art for Health 2014", Lacuna Lofts, Chicago, IL, Oct. 2014

I'm available for domestic and international assignments.