Hi, I'm Annie.  I'm a Chicago-based photojournalist and avid story enthusiast.  I've loved stories all my life - photo essays, novels, movies, you name it.  This was what drove me to embrace photography, but it was my nonprofit work in community development that connected me to photojournalism. 

Through my experiences as a photographer, I've found that the medium is a way to raise awareness about cultures and social issues, to unite people through the commonality of human experiences.  It's a visual connector that can break through the barriers that may divide us.  And it's important to me to transcend the lens by building sustainable relationships within the communities I photograph.

I work consistently with the Chicago Tribune, Community Empowerment (formerly Art for Health), and LISC Chicago.  My work has been published in the Chicago Tribune, Flint Magazine, and The Week.


  • "Art for Health 2016", Ignite Glass Studio, Chicago, IL, Oct. 2016
  • "Permanently Displaced", Art Basel @ Wynwood Yard, Miami, FL, Dec. 2015
  • "The Print Show", Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL, Nov. 2015
  • "Art for Health 2015", Lacuna Lofts, Chicago, IL, Oct. 2015
  • "Art for Health 2014", Lacuna Lofts, Chicago, IL, Oct. 2014

I'm available for domestic and international assignments.